18kt Yellow Gold Mini Circle Bracelet

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To maintain the brilliance of your gold jewelry, it's advisable to keep it dry. This entails avoiding exposure to chlorine, soaps, lotions, perfumes, hand sanitizers, cosmetics, or cleaning products.

For optimal care, store your gold pieces in a soft cloth, separate from other items in your jewelry box or tray to prevent any potential scratching. When cleaning is necessary, gently immerse a lint-free, soft cloth in a mild soapy water solution and delicately rub the surface. Once cleaned, ensure to dry thoroughly using a lint-free, soft cloth.

At FRANCHESS Collection, we believe that every piece of jewellery tells a story, and the materials used play a pivotal role in that narrative. From the ethereal shimmer of 18kt gold to the captivating allure of gemstones, our commitment to quality is unwavering. We source only the finest materials, ensuring that each creation reflects the beauty of genuine craftsmanship.

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